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Refer customers to Fāv Chocolate and earn a recurring $5.00 commission on each active subscription. Get up and running in minutes with your very own custom dashboard!


Simply create your account, place your unique url into your website or throughout your own marketing efforts. Watch your account balance grow as your visitors become customers. 


Start earning cash for every sale you send our way! The tracking cookie is stored for 365 days after the first visit to maximize your earning potential! 

start earning uncapped, unlimited commissions

Maximize your efforts with recurring $5.00 commission for the life of

your referred customer’s active subscription!


  • 365–day cookie — commission is earned up to 365 days after their 1st visit! 
  • We handle the orders, deliveries and payment — all you need to do is send us visitors
  • Visibility — with reports available to you at any time, you can check sales and commission earnings, see which links are working best, and optimize the program to maximize your revenue
  • Personalization — we provide creative to meet your site’s visual needs

frequently asked questions

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where businesses reward affiliates for visitors they send to the business’s site via the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

What is the difference between affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing?

Also known as MLM, or network marketing, multi-level marketing is a business model that has some similarities to affiliate marketing, but it’s not the same. Usually, you have to get people to sign up to a program you are promoting. Anything these people sell earns you a commission. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can choose a product or service that caters to a specific audience (a niche product) and then choose how you promote it, either using online or offline marketing strategies, or a combination of both.

How does affiliate marketing work?

As a member of our affiliate program, you can earn unlimited commission. When you refer a visitor to Fāv Chocolate from one of your links, and they place an order, you earn a nice commission.

Even if they don’t make a purchase on the first visit, any made within 365 days will earn you commission! This is huge because sometimes it may take a while for people to decide. 

What is a tracking cookie?

Tracking is extremely important when it comes to affiliate marketing. Leads that are generated by an affiliate need to be accounted for accurately, in real-time and most importantly, through an automated process. Reliable tracking allows advertisers to assess how successfully their affiliate campaigns are performing.

A tracking link used by an affiliate to promote various offers, includes a unique affiliate ID. When a visitor to a website clicks on that link, the affiliate ID is stored on their browser within a text file, known as a cookie. The cookie will stay in the customer’s browser for 365 days, or until the cookie is cleared from the browser manually. This means that if the customer comes back a few days later and completes an action, the lead is still attributed to the original affiliate ID.

Why would I become an affiliate marketer?

The absolute brilliant thing about affiliate marketing is the fact that you don’t need a business of your own to start making money. You simply need an audience. Whether that’s through social media, your email list, your website, or other forms of marketing and outreach. As long as you have an audience, you can start making money from our affiliate program.

What if I don’t have an audience?

There are plenty of ways to get your links and promotional material in front of people.

Here is a list of popular methods to use in order to get in front of an audience:

  • Social Media: It’s free to post on social media
  • Start interacting in groups and drop in your affiliate link when it’s useful to someone in the group (This works for forums as well).
  • Solo Ads: If you don’t have an email list of your own to promote to, one amazing method of promoting your affiliate link is to simply get featured in someone else’s email list! Udimi is a great site to start with.
  • Start a Blog: Another option is to start a website of your own.
  • Word of Mouth:  Just getting out and talking to people. Give people samples to enjoy. Share your personal benefits that you have experienced.

How do I get paid?

Payouts are processed monthly via PayPal (minimum amount $50.00) on the first of each month.