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The story

There’s a story told about the greatest marriage of natural ingredients dating from the 1540s and the life of Francesco de Orellana. It takes place in the Amazon River territory of South America and tells of a secret food combination that de Orellana held dear for maintaining a healthy life.


Francesco de Orellana’s secret for strength, mental alertness, and physical endurance went with him to his grave. We believe the founders of Fāv Chocolate have rediscovered that secret ingredient combination. 472 years after de Orellana’s death the secret proprietary scientific formulation is being preserved by patents for posterity.

35+ years of research

In today’s world, science backs up validity. Over the past thirty-five years, hundreds of studies have been performed by the world’s scientific and governmental communities. They give claim to the special combination of ingredients found in Fāv Chocolate for a healthier life.

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Fāv Chocolate


Fāv Chocolate’s Cocotrienol™ is a patent pending formula of unique ingredients that offer health benefits that can’t be found by taking any one ingredient alone.

Only 30 calories & 100% Natural Ingredients

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