Fāv Chocolate started in search for better health and in the process discovered a great tasting chocolate.

Fāv Chocolate’s Cocotrienol™ is our patented unique combination of ingredients that make this one-a-day chocolate a must for your healthy lifestyle. 

Brain Health

Fāv Chocolate’s Cocotrienol™…

  • is neuroprotective
  • helps support antioxidant defense in the brain and other organs
  • has the potent ability to counterbalance oxidative stress and makes it a powerful tool for maintenance of brain health
  • supports brain health and functions

cell protection

Fāv Chocolate’s Cocotrienol™…

  • provides oxidative cell protection
  • covers a larger surface area of the cell membrane more quickly, hence making them up to 50 times more effective as antioxidants to stop oxygen radicals from damaging cells
  • maintains and promotes cell membrane health
  • protects cell membranes so it functions properly instead of becoming rigid and acting abnormally
  • supports normal cell signaling, enzymatic activities, gene expression, and neurological functions
  • a potent antioxidant – helpful for individuals suffering from oxidative-stress related conditions

heart Health

Fāv Chocolate’s Cocotrienol™…

  • promotes a healthy lipid profile
  • strengthens arterial walls and supports blood flow through arteries
  • helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range
  • supports the inhibition of LDL oxidation
  • first line of defense against free radical damage from lipid peroxidation
  • helps retain healthy triglyceride levels

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