Fāv Chocolate


What is Cocotrienol™

Fāv Chocolate’s Cocotrienol™ is a patented formula of unique ingredients that offer health benefits that can’t be found by taking any one ingredient alone.

The main ingredients include Fāv Chocolate’s Organic Cocoa Butter and Annatto Tocotrienol. 

What makes Fāv Chocolate the world’s healthiest?

Fāv Chocolate’s Cocoa butter

Did you know absorption of Tocotrienol is dependent on the simultaneous digestion and absorption of the particular fat it is accompanied with during the digestive process? 

Fāv Chocolate’s Organic Cocoa Butter is 100% natural and the perfect partner for significant increase in tocotrienol bioavailability! 

Cocoa beans are a high-antioxidant food, because they contain a significant amount of polyphenol and flavanoid antioxidants. In fact, cocoa beans themselves have been shown to be one of the greatest suppliers of polyphenols in our diets. These antioxidants remain in cocoa butter even after it’s separated from the beans’ solids. That means it’s beneficial for improving the immune response, lowering inflammation and improving heart health. 

Fāv Chocolate’s tocotrienol

Fāv Chocolate’s Tocotrienol is derived from the annatto plant, the only known source containing tocotrienols with virtually no tocopherols present. 

Fāv Chocolate’s Tocotrienol is produced in the United States and is backed by over thirty-five years and thousands of studies. The manufacturing of Fāv Chocolate’s Tocotrienol is a patented process that guarantees purity. 

Tocotrienols have recently been the focus of more intense study due to evidence showing their support of healthy cardiovascular and metabolic functions. They have also shown to provide antioxidant protection and DNA protection.

other active ingredients that contribute to your health

Organic Cacao

Fāv Chocolate only uses organically grown cacao beans from the Dominican Republic. 

The beans are then roasted in small batches in our facility to ensure the quality that we expect. 

Natural Allulose

Recognized by the body as a simple sugar that contributes less than 1 calorie per serving and isn’t metabolized by the body. Fāv Chocolate has zero net carbs!

Pure Vanilla

Fāv Chocolate only uses naturally grown Tahitian vanilla beans.

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