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Throughout your life, your brain’s job is to help you make sense of the world and help oversee your daily operations and life. Brain health refers to the ability to remember, learn, play, concentrate and maintain a clear, active mind. It’s being able to draw on the strengths of your brain—information management, logic, judgement, perspective and wisdom. Simply, brain health is all about making the most of your brain and helping reduce some risks to it as you age.

– What is Brain Health?

Research on humans suggests that tocotrienols quickly and easily reach the brain, where they may improve brain function and health.

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Every piece features nothing but premium plant-based compounds, making them not only amazing for your health – but 100% vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and dairy free.

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Everything starts with an appreciation of farmers and quality. We honor farmers as experts and craftsmen, so we treat them as such and consider them partners in our business. Together, we created Fāv’s organic cacao and cocoa butter.

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We want to help you live your healthiest life. We know our unique, whole person approach to health and wellness will help you support and nourish your body while reaching your health goals.

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We donate both time and financial resources to and PAL Humanitarian. To see the latest projects and find out how you can participate visit: and


What Our Customers Are Saying

“In January of 2018, I was diagnosed with a large brain tumor.  Two of the best neurosurgeons in Boston told me my only option was surgery which would destroy my balance on the left side and possibly my hearing. As a chiropractor and expert in functional medicine, I knew there must be a better way! Shortly after my diagnosis, I met Jay Sampson, who introduced me to Dr. Barrie Tan (the scientist who discovered a rare and almost unheard of product called tocotrienol). After reading the research, I was so amazed by its ability to target and kill cancer cells that I knew I had to start taking it for my condition. I have been taking the chocolate for 6 months now and all I can say is that it is awesome! Since I started eating the chocolate, I have lost 30 lbs, my balance has been restored, my hearing has remained good with no further loss, I have no muscle or joint pain, and my skin, hair, and nails are incredibly healthy. I feel 20 years younger! The changes have been so great that I can’t believe the difference from 6 months ago. I recommend to anyone that has a health issue or is concerned about maintaining their health and longevity to take a serious look at Fāv Chocolate.
Dr. Troy Wheelwright


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