Finally, a world where you can eat chocolate and feel younger with every bite.

Reduce Free Radical Buildup

Even in healthy aging, there is a higher risk of oxidative stress build-up within the mitochondria, which eventually leads to a vicious cycle that leads to further damaged mitochondria and increased free radicals. This increased oxidative stress is a risk factor for the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Cocotrienol protects cell membranes, active enzyme sites, and DNA from free radical damage, and therefore can prevent signs of aging including wrinkles and fine lines. (wikipedia)

Natural Potent Ingredients

Our unique blend of 5 key ingredients includes Fāv’s organic cacao and cocoa butter, premium tocotrienol, natural allulose and pure vanilla bean. With our patent-pending approach, we’ve developed a delicious way to promote anti-aging at a cellular level.

Physiological Adaptation

Cocotrienol will incorporate itself naturally into the oils of the skin to help replenish natural vitamin E depletion from the skin through UV radiation and combats UV-induced oxidative stress. 

Experience the power of cocotrienol

100% Natural

Every piece features nothing but premium plant-based compounds, making them not only amazing for your health – but 100% vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and dairy free.

Direct Trade

Everything starts with an appreciation of farmers and quality. We honor farmers as experts and craftsmen, so we treat them as such and consider them partners in our business. Together, we created Fāv’s organic cacao and cocoa butter.

Quality of Life

We want to help you live your healthiest life. We know our unique, whole person approach to health and wellness will help you support and nourish your body while reaching your health goals.

Giving Back

We donate both time and financial resources to and PAL Humanitarian. To see the latest projects and find out how you can participate visit: and

many new members are excited that after the first four weeks of eating Fāv Chocolate every day, many experienced:

  • An increase in hair growth
  • Nail strength and growth
  • Better vision
  • Immune support
  • Weight loss
  • Better memory
  • Whole body rejuvenation
  • Increase of energy


Of Fāv Chocolate


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Who doesn’t like chocolate? Who wouldn’t like chocolate that is healthy? Well, to be honest, I like BOTH. I was introduced to the World’s Healthiest Chocolate by a very dear friend. There are several reasons why I enjoy it. I love the taste and the melt in your mouth stuff, but I also noticed that my hair, skin, and nails are healthier. My thought process, energy, and overall health is better. BUT, the main reason, is for the health benefits. It’s emotional to me. If this chocolate can help reduce the risk or help prevent me from getting pancreatic cancer, I would very much like that. I lost my mom in February 2014 to pancreatic cancer. I only wish that I had known about this chocolate before my mom was diagnosed. My mom LOVED chocolate and I know that she would have enjoyed Fāv. My sister and I are enjoying it on a one-a-day program to help feel good every day for life.”
Julie Summers Christensen


“I started taking Fāv Chocolate a week ago and already I have seen a great change in my skin. All of the age spots on my hand and arms are all but gone and also the white cancer spots. My heels are no longer dry and rough. The dry skin on my forehead is gone. I have more energy and I look forward to what lies ahead. I am 67 years old. This is truly an amazing product and on top of it all it is terrific chocolate!”
Neil Powell


These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. If you have questions, consult your physician.